Did you know that body composition—body fat, lean muscle and total body water—cellular health, and cardiorespiratory assessments are a much more accurate predictor of your overall health, wellness and progress than BMI or scale weight?

We all know an individual who consistently works very hard but has difficulty losing weight, and an individual who is very thin but has very limited physical activity. The BMI scale will crudely determine the thin individual to be healthier without considering factors such as cardiorespiratory fitness, cellular health, malnutrition or inflammation. Not only does scale weight crudely and inaccurately classify individuals, but also fails to distinguish good versus bad weight changes and can be very discouraging to those undergoing lifestyle change.

Muscle weighs more than fat. Often, the scale does not react as expected when you begin an exercise and nutrition plan. Although you may be losing body fat and significantly improving your overall health, your scale may not say that because you have increased lean mass and/or intracellular water. You might be discouraged and give up on this lifestyle change plan because it does not seem to be working.

On the other hand, and you may be very pleased to have lost 15 pounds in a month, but actually be significantly less healthy if this weight loss was due to water or skeletal muscle mass. This would lead you to continue with an exercise and nutrition plan that is unhealthy and counterintuitive to your goals.

A complete assessment known as the Body Composition, Hydration & Cellular Health Index can tell you how healthy you truly are, as well as determine deficiencies that should be targeted. Instead of simply measuring your scale weight, BCH testing distinguishes “good versus bad” weight through an assessment of body fat, lean muscle and total body water. Learn if you are properly hydrated for optimal skin health, organ function and overall wellness. Determine the degree of inflammation in your body non-invasively. Most importantly, you can measure your cellular health to determine how healthy you are where it matters, on the inside.

Cerulean’s physiological assessments allow you to track what matters. Intermittent retesting allows you to apply data to objectively monitor changes in your body composition, and directly correlates this with improvements in overall cellular and cardiovascular health, improving your physiological heart and lung age. These tangible results are a great source of positive reinforcement to track progress, know you are doing what is best for your body and stay motivated. What scale every did that for you?

Kevin Longoria received his Bachelors of Science degree in December 2013 from Arizona State University, and has since completed certifications from various medical specialties. Kevin has quickly specialized and became an expert in the field of Physiological Diagnostic Testing. Kevin is the Program Coordinator for CERULEAN Advanced Fitness and Wellness, the first cellular health company of its kind, which utilizes non-invasive and environmental based modalites to strengthen the body at the cellular-level. Kevin has a passion for helping others live not only long, but well, and strives to provide data-driven wellness tools to all individuals interested in optimizing well-being and  performance. Kevin has worked with critically ill patients, all the way up to professional athletes, providing him with a unique approach to optimizing human potential and longevity. Kevin is proud to present his experience with utilizing data to optimize the efficiency of any proactive, preventive or lifestyle change plan.