The days of standardized data to determine health, wellness and fitness status are behind us. Everyone is different and requires a customized approach. Cerulean has removed the guesswork associated with a “one size fits all model” for setting and achieving health, wellness, performance and longevity goals.

Cerulean’s wide range of comprehensive physiological assessments presents a data-driven approach to optimizing health and wellness in the most efficient manner possible. Applying diagnostic testing that has typically only been available to elite athletes or through costly medical referrals, CERULEAN delivers equivalent progressive tools to all individuals wanting to regain, maintain or optimize overall health, well-being, vitality and performance.

Let’s start with the suite of tests that makes up the Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) that is applicable to individuals ranging from the bariatric or compromised health populations, to fitness enthusiasts, to elite athletes, to individuals looking to age with grace and maintain vitality.

In order to establish current wellness and where to go from here, we recommend a cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET) that is recognized as the most complete, preventive diagnostic available. It is referred to as “the ultimate vital sign,” and the CPET provides a data-driven approach to optimizing “healthspan.” We collect an array of data including:

  • An assessment of underlying heart and lung abnormalities
  • Physiological heart and lung age
  • Caloric micro- and macro-nutrient recommendations
  • Optimal heart rate training zones for fat loss or improved conditioning
  • Safe, effective and personalized exercise recommendations including VO2 max and anaerobic threshold

All of the data obtained from the CPET is your data and is the foundation for making recommendations for what you need…not someone who looks like you or is the same size as you. It is entirely customized to your body and its potential to improve.

If you knew that a precise recipe for your optimal fitness and wellness was available, would you follow it? What could you accomplish if you did? We look forward to helping you find out.

Kevin Longoria received his Bachelors of Science degree in December 2013 from Arizona State University, and has since completed certifications from various medical specialties. Kevin has quickly specialized and became an expert in the field of Physiological Diagnostic Testing. Kevin is the Program Coordinator for CERULEAN Advanced Fitness and Wellness, the first cellular health company of its kind, which utilizes non-invasive and environmental based modalites to strengthen the body at the cellular-level. Kevin has a passion for helping others live not only long, but well, and strives to provide data-driven wellness tools to all individuals interested in optimizing well-being and  performance. Kevin has worked with critically ill patients, all the way up to professional athletes, providing him with a unique approach to optimizing human potential and longevity. Kevin is proud to present his experience with utilizing data to optimize the efficiency of any proactive, preventive or lifestyle change plan.